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  The trail is a walking trail, through mostly private property,
along both sides of the Bighead River.
  Parts of the trail are an easy walk (green) while other areas
become difficult (red) due to stream crossings and clay
banks which have to be negotiated. The trail generally
follows the river, passing through cedar groves and old
hardwoods, at times climbing out of the river valley to pass
through meadows and grain fields, giving the hiker some
spectacular views of the countryside.
  The Bighead River is one of the best trout fishing streams
in Ontario and in season, you will encounter many fishing
enthusiasts along the trail.
  You will also find patches of poison ivy, so be prepared
and please stay on the trail.

The Trail is named for the industrious Trout family who built a sawmill in "Trout Hollow" in the 1850's.
The present trail was opened in 2002, however as long as people have been near the river, there have probably been
paths to and from it.
                                PLEASE USE THE TRAIL AT YOUR OWN RISK

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